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Who We Help
Once an avid church-goer and the bassist in a Christian band, Chase’s life descended into chaos when his alcoholic dad unexpectedly passed away. Without the proper tools to cope with the loss, he began heavily using drugs to escape his pain. It was only after he had hit rock bottom, trying to commit suicide a total of eight times, that he finally took his mom’s suggestion to visit the Dream Center.

How We Help
Chase immediately entered the 15-month Church on the Street program aimed at helping men and women to overcome a variety of life-controlling issues from substance abuse to anger issues to depression to trauma from mental or physical abuse. Provided with a place to stay and all the amenities he needed, Chase began to rebuild his relationship with Jesus through a structured program of discipleship, mentoring, ministry, and outreach. Now, having completed the program, Chase can honestly say that he has found his purpose: “I love being alive again. If I could do anything, I would just live for God.”

How You Can Help
The Dream Center currently has the capacity for 180 adults in our community who are in similar situations as Chase. However, because the need is so great, we are looking to expand that to 400 by 2017. There are numerous ways you can help. Contact us today if you are interested in providing a donation, or in offering your compassion as a volunteer or mentor.

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