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Who We Help
“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” As a volunteer at the Dream Center, Alonzo uses this motto every day as he travels to pick up homeless and hungry individuals around the Valley. The people who ride with him come from all walks of life: women and men, young and old, single, with children. But they all share a common thread: they are out of options, out of resources, and hungry.

How We Help
Every person who arrives at the Dream Center is offered a free, nourishing meal prepared on-site by our staff and volunteers. For some, this is the only meal they and their children will eat all day. But the meal, the fellowship, and the words of encouragement spoken by our volunteers and staff may mean the difference between giving up and staying the course.

How You Can Help
The Dream Center currently provides 12,000 meals a week to hungry individuals. However, because the need is so great, we are always looking for ways to provide more. There are numerous ways you can help. Contact us today if you are interested in providing a donation, or in offering your compassion as a volunteer or mentor. 

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