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  Donate to the Phoenix Dream Center to support people in need. File your taxes and claim the AZ Charitable Tax Credit.
Receive your tax credit and celebrate doing good! (up to $800)


If you have a state tax liability, you can donate up to $800 for married filing jointly or $400 for a single filer, and the state will send you a refund (or deduct from the state taxes you owe) $1 for $1.

You can find us listed under our business name as "City Help Inc of Phoenix DBA Phoenix Dream Center". 

Instead of sending your taxes to the government, you can direct these tax dollars to the work of the Lord through the Dream Center. You don’t need to itemize to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Get your full credit today! 



(please consider adding $2.00 to help us cover credit card processing fees)

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City Help Inc. of Phoenix dba Phoenix Dream Center
A 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Organization of Arizona
3210 NW Grand Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017 602.346.8701
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