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Arizona currently serves over 18,000 children in our Foster Care System. With, on average, 1 child being removed from their home every 40 minutes in the state of Arizona. Reasons for removal vary from homelessness, abuse, neglect and the lack of basic resources to care for family.


Our Vision with our Thrive Foster Care Prevention Program is to help prevent children from being removed from their families due to the lack of basic needs and resources. Working in cooperation with Arizona Department of Child Safety caseworkers and Community social workers we connect our clients with community partners to help us provide the basic needs required by the Arizona Department of Child Safety.


Some of those basic needs include providing brand new beds, pillows, blankets, clothing, personal care products, appliances and furniture.

(Simply having a bed can be a deciding factor on when a child is reunified with their family.)

Our goal is support families in the prevention and reunification process to build stability and create HOPE for a positive future.

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