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Who We Help
To say that life had dealt her a rough hand would be an understatement for Sarah. Removed from her neglectful parents at an early age into the foster care system, she was tragically raped in each home she was placed. After she became pregnant, she turned to a life of prostitution and drugs. Addicted, overwhelmed, defeated, and disillusioned she found the Dream Center.

How We Help
Sarah was provided with her own Dream Room, a lavish and spacious room designed by some of the top luxury designers in Phoenix. All of her physical needs were provided for – from clothing to food to medical care to legal aid. But, just as importantly, her spiritual, mental, and emotional needs were also attended to by our caring staff and volunteers. Through the support and encouragement of the Dream Center, Sarah has remained sober and is now embarking on a path full of God’s potential.

How You Can Help
The Dream Center currently has the capacity for 48 young women in our community who are in similar situations as Sarah. However, because the need is so great, we are looking to expand that to 200 by 2020. There are numerous ways you can help. Contact us today if you are interested in providing a donation, or in offering your compassion as a volunteer or mentor.

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