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The Phoenix Dream Center is proud to be a Nationally Registered Safe Place and even has an on-site medical clinic, chapel, meeting rooms, high school, kitchen services, barber shop, thrift store, t-shirt print shop, 50’s style café and so much more. The ministry staff are seasoned professionals who have years of experience working in the inner city areas of Phoenix. A 24/7 campus security team mirrors our neighborhood college, Grand Canyon University, which is just a few blocks away. The residents of the different life recovery programs have all been back ground checked and are genuinely in a healthy place spiritually and emotionally. As a strictly enforced no drug and no violence campus, we create a culture of safety each year for more than 500 missionaries and over 7,000 guests from the public.
We believe that every church and every youth group are uniquely equipped with different gifts and callings and we work to create a customized mission plan that will stretch and shape those gifts. Some groups prefer mostly on-campus activities and others prefer to go deep into the city with us – we’ve got it all. As we work with you to create your Dream Trip the planning process will include everything you need to take the trip details back to your planning team for inspiration and final approval. We’ll send you draft schedules, outlines of mission expeditions, testimonials from other groups, photos, videos, slideshows and everything you need to help plan the trip. We know that God has an amazing mission trip in store for your group and that our primary role is to help you plan and experience it.

Most world changers we know have figured out this one key secret – that some of the greatest among us are servant to all. We count it an honor and a privilege that we GET to serve the least the last and the lost of our city. We work hard to create an experience for our missionaries that builds on this very simple yet powerful principal. Your mission team will have the opportunity to serve survivors of human trafficking, foster care youth, the homeless, low income families, at-risk youth and of course, each other.
People need Jesus, and sometimes that starts with a simple meal. Your mission team will head with us into some of the most impoverished parts of our city where 1 out of 3 children go to bed hungry - but not on the days your group provides hot meals and food boxes for them. Missionaries also have an exciting opportunity to volunteer in our on-site Medical Center, our Chapel, our High school, our Kitchen and in other key areas of the ministry including ministering to the people in our life recovery programs.
We don’t believe the question is whether or not you were challenged on your mission trip. We believe the question is, were you changed? Our intent is to create world changers through our missions program so that people can go back to their communities and replicate the lessons they’ve learned at the Phoenix Dream Center. Our Dream Center Network will also provide the training tools and the informational support needed to start any or all aspects of the Dream Center in your city.

  WARNING: Once you go on a mission trip you never really come back

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                    Foster Care Kids and Youth

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