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The Dream of our Founder, Director, Staff, Board of Directors and Donors continues to grow to reach even more people in our city. In the years to come we envision other campuses that will enable us to expand our Christian Discipleship Program as well as an expansion of our Human Trafficking and Foster Care Age-out Programs. We also believe that the future of our service model includes a major focus on prevention services and we see our Human Trafficking and Foster Care Prevention Programs expanding greatly as we continue to grow and develop.  


We believe that the first 10 years of our service in this community were all about building successful housing and outreach programs that addressed the immediate needs we saw. But we also believe that the next 10 years of serving in our community will be about building prevention programs.  We MUST have a role on the other side of this equation so we can stop kids from even having to get into the foster care system and stop young people from getting trapped in the human trafficking life.  


While prevention is becoming our largest focus for a longer term solution, we recognize all to well that every day we have people coming to our campus, walking through our door and waiting on our waiting list that need help NOW. Our Dream is to expand our campus housing services for Christian Discipleship from 200 beds to over 400 beds in the coming years. We also plan to expand our Human Trafficking Program from 48 beds to nearly 200 beds and our Foster Care Age Out beds from 21 beds to nearly 100.  

These are the Dreams that we have for the future of our community.  And it's a Dream we need YOUR help with!  

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