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With the many trials and traumas that many have faced while serving our country, we at the PDC believe that a Christ centered approach to recovery and stability is the key to success. Transition to civilian life can leave our veterans at a loss; a loss of camaraderie, a loss of sense of belonging, and a deep feeling of loss of purpose. When these feelings and losses contribute to depression, alcoholism, and drug use the result is often despair and even homelessness. We believe that the Body of Christ in the form of a caring and safe place to be is the answer.


Along with our residential recovery and discipleship program, we offer specific benefits to veterans such as interview clothing, bus passes, and employment placement with reserved openings specifically to military veterans that are residents of the PDC. We have veteran outreaches weekly, serving food and making the local veteran community aware that we are here for them.


Luke and Bill were two such veterans mentioned above whose lives went off the rails after serving in the military. Both spent time incarcerated, both were heavily addicted. They are now working in upper level non-profit administration and giving back to those who have suffered the same. Lawrence was a proud Marine guard for a U.S. Embassy. After many struggles he landed at the PDC and after completing the program, then even volunteering for a time, he is employed with a successful company with new skills as a lead technician.


If you are interested in volunteering as counselor or resource coordinator for veterans on campus, or if you would like to volunteer at our veterans outreach please click here: (insert link to volunteer app) and make specific mention of your area of interest. If you are interested in making a financial or in-kind donatoin please give or contact us today!

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